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Reimagine your dealership operations with My Dealer Jacket. Eliminate errors and streamline paperwork–our platform makes everything straightforward and easy.

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Dealer software solutions system dashboard

Effortlessly monitor your sales.

Quickly see the state of your sales with our easy-to-use dashboard. Stay organized with ease.

Collect sales tax correctly, every time.

Say goodbye to stressing over sales tax. Our system automatically calculates the right amount based on the sale price and buyer’s address.

Transfer automatic calculation

No more handwriting paperwork.

Our autofill feature takes the hassle and errors out of filling forms. Get filled, ready-to-sign docs for each sale in seconds. Spend less time on paperwork and more on what matters.

Quick and Secure Electronic Signing

Close deals swiftly with our eSign deal jackets. Seal sales from anywhere, ensuring fast and legally binding transactions​.

Document electronic signing interface

Never miss a step in sales.

Our handy sales checklist ensures you cover all bases, making every sale smooth and successful.

Syncorise transfer checklist assistance feature
Taxes report breakdown

Sales tax reporting, simplified.

Add your sales into our system, and we’ll use all of that data to generate you tax reports in an instant. We make staying compliant easy and stress-free.

Best part? We offer this absolutely free!

Looking to boost your dealership's game?

My Dealer Jacket's got your back with a Dealer Management System that's all about cranking up your profits and smoothing out your day-to-day.

It's a game changer.

Dealer software solutions table view with vehicle edit in background
Vehicle Pricing Angled

Track vehicle profitability with ease.

Keep a close eye on your profit margins. Our tools help you track expenses for better financial health. Leave handwriting costs and complex spreadsheets in the past.

Log all costs related to each vehicle, such as towing, storage, and repair charges, in a centralized place.
Don’t do the math yourself—our system calculates your expected profit margin based on your inputs.
Designed to benefit both seasoned dealers and those new to vehicle sales, our budgeting tool is versatile and easy to use.

Keep track of who did what.

Stay on top of every change and update in your records, ensuring total operational clarity.

Type less. Work faster.

Type in the VIN, and we’ll autofill most of the vehicle’s information.

We help you make sure all data is correct – that’s one less worry for your busy schedule.

All your records, neatly in one place.

All your sales, inventory, and customers in one system. Much better than hundreds of folders, right?

View of the vehicle records table

Making your business run smoother is what we do.

This is all about making your business run smoother and faster. 

Your time is valuable. We get it.

In just a few minutes, you can experience how easy vehicle sales can be.

Pay only for extra features, if you need them.

Upload file system

Looking for more features? Here we go!

File management? Piece of cake.

Say goodbye to lost papers. Our system keeps your documents neat and ready whenever you need them.

Easy Upload & Management:

Upload, view, delete, or rename files right where you need them—in each unique record

Tailored Storage Cost:

Pay only for the storage you use, because one size doesn't fit all

Effortless Navigation:

Accessing your files is a snap with our interface. No hassle, just easy finding and opening of what you need

You decide who sees what.

Worried about data safety? With our system, you choose who gets access to what info. Easy and secure!

Permission control system

Enjoy these features on all plans

Explore the essential features designed to make your dealership operations smooth, secure, and efficient, all from one centralized platform.
Rock-Solid Security

Top-tier encryption keeps your data safe and secure.

Universal Compatibility

Accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers alike.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate easily with our intuitive, user-friendly dashboard.

Quick Onboarding

Get started in minutes with our easy-to-follow setup guide.

Easily Scalable

Grow your dealership with our flexible, scalable system.

Data-Driven Insights

Detailed statistics for informed, effective decisions.


Competitive pricing for high-value returns.

Streamlined Workflows

Simplify tasks and save time with focused workflows.

Responsive Help Desk

Quick, reliable support for all your questions.

Dealer software solutions system dashboard
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© My Dealer Jacket. 2024. All rights reserved.